About Offray

History and Fun Facts

• C.M. Offray was founded in 1876 by Claude Offray, Jr., and its history can be traced back to France before the 1800's. 
• It was a third generation, family-owned business with a primary focus on weaving narrow nylon fabrics. 
• Offray pioneered the development of polyester ribbon and still today manufactures polyester ribbons in a multitude of widths and textures in over 100 fashionable colors. 
• During World War II, Offray rebuilt and modernized its entire operation, turning the production to wartime requirements, specializing in parachute tapes and webbings.  
• After the WW2, Offray became the pioneer in designing and developing woven edge ribbons using modern man-made fibers. 
• During and after the Gulf War, Offray sold millions of yards very quickly, running machines 24/7 for weeks. Yellow was the primary color produced, but also a lot of red, white, and blue.
• Offray especially touted "Made in the USA", which was and still is well appreciated by customers and consumers.
• Offray has woven custom ribbons for the Olympics.
• Offray has proudly had its ribbons used in the White House, having a special relationship with the Florist in residence.


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